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University of the Sunshine Coast

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7/20/07 03:34 pm - faery_girl85

Hello! I am not quite sure if this community is still active to a degree? Anyways, I just wanted to post that I am super-excited because I am going to Australia in January for the Graduate Diploma in Education Stream A (I am from Canada).. I have not entirely made up my mind about the accomodations, so if someone could help guide me with the pros and cons of the Village verses UniCentral verses Varsity I would be grateful! As well... is there anything I should know about the region in general before coming? (the travel guides really do not say much - and tourism sites, are, well, tourism sites so you never really know!) Thank you!

3/13/07 02:25 pm - lady_agostina

So any theories as to why there were a bunch of happy looking senior citizens being led around campus today? They had cute little name badges on and everything...

2/23/07 08:29 pm - thelastdon - Everyone loves organisation!

Everyone knows that the uni is VERY well organised!
I mean, the bookshop and class mismanagement speak for themselves :)
Go into the bookshop looking for a textbook I NEED. Wait in line for 40 odd minutes, look around, can't see it. Ask where it is. Get told its not here yet and they don't know why. Contain anger, go wait in line for a book that WAS there. Pass a stack of boxes containing books. Heavy books. Boxes are starting to collapse. Point this out as a potential public liability issue. Get ignored.
Now some of you probably do not know my OH SO glamourous pre-university days. I worked a shit kicking job at Supercheap Auto's warehouse in Lawnton. Despatch. Now NOTHING pisses me off more than boxes that are not stacked correctly, because it usually meant they would collapse en route, get to the store and fall on the poor store monkey that sliced the plastic surrounding the pallet off, and we would get chewed out for it.
I don't know what happened with those boxes, hopefully SOMEONE took notice and eventually fixed them before they maimed someone.

Now, moving onto a happier topic. First week back went surprisingly well. Not many hitches, if you ignore the horrendously long lines at the bookshop and the lack of books that I NEEDED. Hello? Prac books? Anyway. Timetable is SWEET. Only have to drag my lazy ass out of bed early every second week, and my one late lecture is well worth it. Just took a little time adjusting to the lecturer's accent. I have to go see brooksy at some time next week to see what chemistry pracs/tutes I can safely ignore and not show up to. Hopefully it will be all of them.

Other than that, this semester looks like it will actually be interesting. Which is always a good thing.

Oh and post more, you lot. *nods*

2/23/07 12:42 am - thelastdon - Entertainment?

Clicky Clicky!
I was subjected to this and so should you people. I will never sleep in peace again.

2/20/07 08:21 pm - thelastdon - Book shop woes

What the hell is it with the bookshop?
I SWEAR that line gets worse each year. I stood in line for an HOUR today, finally got in, got my books, paid and walked out. Then remembered I had to get a textbook for Systemic Physiology. And an umbrella, since my darling father pinched my backup.
*insert angry, frustrated face here*
On a positive note, I am actually enjoying lectures this year. Though the amount of new faces is kinda staggering. And the amount of familiar faces is severely lacking. Kinda scary actually.

2/15/07 08:19 pm - thelastdon - Back to it, I guess.

Well kiddos, time to reposition those noses on the grinding wheel, forget what freedom means and become good little study-bots. Hopefully the break has been good to you all, and there was much alcohol consumed. I know I sure drank my share of the good stuff, but thats another story. I have noticed we have a few new members, and I welcome you.
A big friendly hello to the newbies (1st years, duh?) and a non commital grunt for the returnees :p

2/6/07 07:06 pm - tangerinedreams - OSHIRASE


...or Welcome Week, they're calling it this year. whatever they're calling it, I'll be pimping out the Karate club and the GO Program. look me up.


click for details. more forthcoming. please see me if you're interested in being involved, or even just coming down for a look around. more forthcoming.

1/28/07 02:59 pm - lady_agostina

Might be an odd question, but it is the Sunshine Coast....

I'm wondering, has anyone ever started a fishing club at the uni? There has to be plenty of other students who like to go fishing on the weekends, right? Maybe?

1/10/07 08:39 pm - lady_agostina

Well QTAC offers are already available on-line and I'm coming to uni in a few weeks time!
I am really quite excited, thrilled infact about getting my first preference - Science (Biomedical Science) YAY!
I hope anyone else here who has applied for 2007 is given their first preferences as well. Good Luck.

9/23/06 02:28 pm - thelastdon - Okay I am bored. Just do it.

Answer these questions. Doooo eeeeeeeetttt!
1) Who are you.
2) What course are you doing/what course did you do?
3) Where are you now?
4) Interesting fact about you...
5) Are you a penguin?

Yes I am bored. Yes I am doing an assignment over the holidays (Because Cor109 sucks like that). Yes you will answer this.
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